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Apple Services

Apple computers are very elegant and unique. As Steve Jobs would say, they are a work of art, to put it plain and simple. All art should be treated as such, and we make no exceptions!

K tech PC provides many services for Apple computers, but we mainly specialize in Apple hardware repair and upgrades. One thing we hate to see are customers that take their broken computers to the Apple Store to be repaired, only to be told their computer is outdated or beyond repair, and that they should just buy a new one. Not so! Leave it to us to take a look at your broken laptop or desktop machine and we can give you a quote that is guaranteed to be much less than what the Mac Geniuses would give you. Why buy a new computer when you can have yours repaired and/or upgraded at a fraction of the cost?

Repairing an Apple computer can sometimes be a very tedious and time-consuming task, especially with their laptops. It takes someone with a lot of knowledge and some patience to take them apart and rebuild them. Believe me when I tell you that we are great for this job, as we are perfectionists to the point where it gets annoying! It's one thing to take apart a computer and fix it, but it's another to put it all back together completely and correctly. We have countless years of experience entirely reassembling Apple computers such as the Powerbook, iBook, PowerMac, iMac, and Mac Mini, just to name a few. No matter whether your logic board is fried, your screen is broken, or your case is cracked. No job is too big; we can do it. Don't trust a novice to repair your Apple computer. Leave it to the people with years of experience with all Apple laptops and desktops!

Not only can we just repair your Apple computer, but we also do all sorts of simple and extensive upgrades. Upgrading an Apple computer can sometimes be tricky because they require compatible hardware. Leave it to the experts to find anything you are looking for. We can do all sorts of upgrades including hard drives, memory, CD/DVD drives, video cards, sound cards, wireless cards, and more. No matter how old or rare your computer is, we can find the part and do all of the work for you.


Apple Sevices - $50 per hour