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PC Services

For most people, their PC is their life. Losing your computer for a day, or even a couple hours, can be devastating to many people. We understand this and we treat you with care and concern.

We understand a broken or slow PC can be an extremely frustrating experience. No matter how bad it is we can be there and will fix your problem guaranteed. We have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to repairing or upgrading any PC. If your computer is running slowly, is plagued with pop-ups and advertisements, or if you suspect you have adware or viruses, give us  a call and we will fix all your problems in a timely and professional manner.

If you think your PC needs a boost, then give us a call and we can let you know what kind of upgrade will benefit you most. Whether you need a video card, memory, hard drive, CD/DVD drive, motherboard, CPU, sound card, or anything, we can purchase, install, and set up your new parts.

If you purchased a new PC, then we can come set it up for you and train you on how to use it. If you need to purchase a new PC, we can survery your needs, order the best machine for you and your budget, set it up, and train you on how to use it. A lot of companies don't want you to hear this, but purchasing a new PC doesn't cost $1,000-2,000 anymore. It doesn't even cost $500 anymore if you need a basic system. Call us and we will help you decide what you need, not what we want to sell you.

If you are having issues with Windows or need assistance learning how to do something, then let us come and help. We are great with training and have excellent communication skills. The best way to learn is hands-on with someone that is excited to teach you, so give us a try!


PC Sevices - $50 per hour